Dr. Stephen Uden

Steve is a co-founder of Rallybio. He has more than 25 years of experience, serving in R&D leadership roles with prominent global pharmaceutical and biotech firms.

Steve was previously head of research at Alexion Pharmaceuticals where he led a series of collaborations and external alliances, expanded its research base beyond antibodies to include small molecules, RNA-based therapies and broader protein engineering capabilities.  Under Steve, Alexion expanded its research portfolio to more than 30 pre-clinical and clinical programs.

Prior to Alexion, Steve led Wyeth’s research and development group and Novartis Oncology’s development programs, both roles based in Japan. During his 6 years in Japan, he led his teams to more than 10 J-NDA approvals. Prior to Wyeth, Steve held positions of increasing responsibility at Pfizer, where he rose to leadership in the UK, Japan, and the US. In addition, he also led research and development at Neurogen, a biotech company developing small molecule candidates.

Steve received his medical training at the University of London’s St. Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, and then practiced clinical and academic medicine within the UK National Health Service and the University of Manchester UK.